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Royal jelly cream honey 400 gr 66
Royal jelly cream honey 400 gr 69

Royal jelly cream honey 400 gr

Royal jelly cream honey, 20g with fresh royal jelly

Pure royal jelly must be cooled, so the best and also oldest way for preservation, in order to safeguard all the active ingredients, is to preserve in honey. After mixing in with honey even those people, who could not tolerate the taste, will be able to consume the jelly. Since there is only 5% royal jelly content, you will hardly feel the taste of the jelly. Moreover, this is your chance to get to know to a new dimension of honey - cream honey, which is not so wide-spread in our country yet, but you will surely love it once you taste it, since it’s so creamy and smooth. Cream honey is very popular in Western Europe, it’s also an evidence for the quality of the honey, many people look at it as a trademark of real honey.

The crystallisation of honey is a natural process mainly influenced by the honey’s glucose content. There are some honey types, which have a lower glucose content, such as pure acacia honey, so they take a long time, maybe even several years to crystallise. In rape honey however the glucose-fructose ratio is dominated by glucose, so it crystallises quite fast after collection, maybe in only a week, and it will be solid. If you heat cream honey by placing it into hot water, it will regain its usual consistency. As a cream honey however, the product will be easier to handle, it does not drip. The other reason for using a cream is that we want to prevent the royal jelly, which has a different gravity, from separating and floating on the top of the honey.

Product information sheet

It’s daily dose is 2x1 spoonful, which contains about 2x10g, so the dosed royal jelly will be about 2x0,5 gram. The daily dose can be increased to 2x2 spoonfuls, making our usual daily dose of royal jelly 2x1 gram.

Protect the product from light, humidity and air, you can store it at room temperature or in fridge too. It can be preserved at least up to 2 years. The product only contains natural ingredients, it’s free of colorants, flavour enhancers, preservatives and other additives. The ingredients are sourced from Hungary and processed in our modern, HACCP certified factory in Slovakia.

The information on our website is not a professional opinion from the National Institute of Pharmacy, the product does not serve to heal illnesses, but it does have several proven beneficial effects in folk medicine.

Category: Cream honey
Package size: 400 gram
Manufacturer: Dydex
11,18 EUR
0,03 EUR/gram gross

Item number: : Méhpempős krémméz 400gr.

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Royal jelly cream honey 400 gr

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