Fresh royal jelly 50gr

Fresh royal jelly 50gr

Fresh royal jelly, 100% pure, in 50 gr packaging

Royal jelly is known as a royal nutrient at every corner of the Earth. This name means the queen bee’s special food, the mother’s jelly. The nurse bees feed this amazing protein concentrate to their mother, the queen bee, with great devotion and diligence. The mother’s jelly or bee’s jelly decisively influences the number and quantity of the changes in bee generations, and the age of the mother. Long years of research uncovered its chemical composition, its physiological and healing effects - a list, which is still not conclusive. Royal jelly is used in many countries for healing, as a recognised medicine.

  • It enhances attention and concentration.
  • It boosts our immune system, enhancing our mental and physical resistance.
  • Improves the appetite of children with a bad appetite.
  • Normalises the female cycle, helps conception.
  • It has a positive effect on the body of women in the changing age.
  • Royal jelly is a dietary supplement with a strengthening, restoring effect.
  • It helps the body function right, renews cells and thereby slows down the process of aging.
  • It’s an excellent stimulating and refreshing agent, its consumption can boost productivity.


2x1 gram depending on weight each day. On the first days with symptoms you may you multiple dosage.
In the morning, half an hour before the first meal, or in the evening, one hour after dinner, place it under your tongue and let it melt. Apply it in 2-3 month long treatments, with a 30 days pause inbetween. 

If you fill the spoon supplied with the product up to its rim with royal jelly, you can measure  1g. quantity out of it.

Pure royal jelly does not taste good, it’s tart, sour, a little spicy (caused by the fatty acids in the jelly, like 10-HDA and acetylcholine), it’s taste does not compare to anything, but it’s easy to get accustomed to. 
Please find moreinformation here.


You can store the Royal Jelly in the fridge below 5°C, for long term storage you can even freeze it. It can be mixed with honey, the suggested proportion is 5%, meaning you should add 25g Royal Jelly to 500g honey, you can store it like this even without cooling.
Keep in a dry place, protect from light and air, avoid contact with metals!
The product is sold in a jar with a metal lid, but the inner side of the lid is lined with a protective layer, so the product does not come into contact with the metal and does not oxidize.


  • Keep away from children!
  • Don’t exceed the suggested daily dose!
  • The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced mixed diet and healthy lifestyle!
  • Contraindicated for those, who are allergic to bee products!


Fresh royal jelly preserves its beneficial effects for 12 months when stored at normal conditions (at temperatures 0-5°C), since it does not contain any additives or preservatives. Expiration is always indicated on the bottom of the product box.
Before ordering the product please get information about cooled shipping, please see itt the “Shipping information” page.

The information on our website is not a professional opinion from the National Institute of Pharmacy, the product does not serve to heal illnesses, but it does have several proven beneficial effects in folk medicine.
Category: Fresh royal jelly
Package size: 50 gram
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Fresh royal jelly 50gr

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