APIDERMAL cream 200ml

APIDERMAL cream 200ml

Cream with bee poison to treat muscle and joint pain, externally

As a result of several years of product development, our company created APIDERMAL, a cream to treat muscle and joint pain.

The product’s main agent is the bee poison, which has been used in natural medicine since the ancient times because of its MELLITIN content, mainly to ease rheumatic pain, for apitheraphy, healing directly by using bee stings.
Bee poison in itself is amazingly effective, but we have further enhanced its effect by adding 8 valuable herbal extracts, which have been used successfully in folk medicine for treating rheumatic complaints.

The product’s main agents:

Arnica Montana flower extract, horse chestnut extract, Aloe leaf extract, Black nightingale extract, calendula extract, bee wax, menthol made of peppermints, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, bee poison, nettle leaf extract, peppermint oil, pine oil, carrot extract.
You can find more information about the effects of each extract at .

Thanks to its many ingredients, the active agent content of APIDERMAL cream is over 20%, which makes it unique among rheumatic preparations.

When to apply APIDERMAL cream?

In any case, when the muscles or joints are inflamed. In case of swollen or flared body parts, paint in the joints or rheumatic pain, pain in the back, waist, neck, knee, elbow, ankle, as well as for muscle and spine pain, ankle sprain, muscle soreness, muscle cramps, swellings and bruises. Has a cooling and pain relieving effect.

When should you avoid using the product?

If you have a sensitivity against any ingredient listed above, or you have experienced an allergic reaction to bee stings earlier.
Do not use product on damaged or wounded skin!

How to use the product?

Use it on clean skin, best time to use is after a bath.
Use it twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings, rubbing and massaging it to the area that must be treated and its surroundings.

Free of parabens, petroleum and silicone derivatives, does not contain artificial colours or fragrances!

Storage: At temperatures between 10-25˚C, protected from light.

The information on our website is not a professional opinion from the National Institute of Pharmacy, the product does not serve to heal illnesses, but it does have several proven beneficial effects in folk medicine.

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Package size: 200 ml
Manufacturer: Dydex
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APIDERMAL cream 200ml

11.90 EUR

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