Loyalty points system

We reward all of our registered customers with loyalty points for each purchase at our webshop.

When and how many loyalty points will I receive?

We credit points up to 2% of the purchased products gross price (packaging and shipping cost excluded) at the delivery at every purchased product, which you can follow up in the “My Points” menu.
So when you purchase 1 piece of 100g fresh royal jelly in cooled packaging with cash on delivery (10,540+900+950=12,390), we will credit 2% of the product value (HUF 10,540), namely 210 points.
If you do not pick up the product or withdraw your order, your loyalty points gained for the purchase in progress will be automatically deleted!

What is the value of my loyalty points?

1 point= HUF 1

How and when can I cash my points?

The shop system will automatically detect when points can be cashed in, and if your points reach at least the price of our cheapest product, and these products are in your cart, the shop will offer you the option to cash in your points once the order has been started. If you do not want to cash in your points right away, just skip this step, your points will not be lost. Partial cashing in is not possible, you can only validate your points to 1 full product!
Only you may cash in your points, we cannot deduct or cash in anyone’s points for them! The loyalty point system is automated, we cannot influence it.

If you buy products at a discounted price, meaning you receive a quantity discount, you can still only cash in your points at the product’s original price. For promotional products you also may only cash in your existing points at the original price! This means that discounts cannot be amassed!
You can also follow up cashed in points in the “My points” menu, and all cashing in will be recorded in the email confirming the purchase.

When do we start counting loyalty points?

Immediately once the system is started, meaning for every purchase after 01.01.2020, but we do not calculate loyalty points retrospectively.

How long are the loyalty points valid?

The collected loyalty points are valid for an unlimited time, but they cannot be transferred even if you have several registered accounts, meaning you may only cash in the collected loyalty points through your own account.

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