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Please read webshop’s General Terms and Conditions below. Please read carefully before starting shopping!

The operator of the webshop:
Name: DYDEX Hungary Kft.
Seat: H-2900 Komárom, Csillag ltp. 40. 3/9.
Contact us: Phone number: +36-20-2916409; E-mail:
The operator’s representative: Csaba Hordós
Company registration number:11-09-008500
Tax number: 12768228-2-11
Bank account number: HU71120290040162389400100006
NÉBIB FELIR identification number: AA2696542

If you have any remarks concerning the General Terms and Conditions, please send them in writing to The webshop services may only be used after accepting the GT&C. By accepting the GT&C you acknowledge that the recorded contractual terms are obligatory, so please do send us your eventual questions or remarks before accepting the contractual conditions.

1. Contract between absentees
The subjects of the contract are all the goods available at the webshop owned by DYDEX Hungary Kft. Click on the product’s specific reference page to see the features and detailed characteristics of the product, particularly its sale price. After sending the order and the confirmation by DYDEX Hungary Kft via email, based on Governmental Act number 45/2014.(II.26), the consumer and the company enters into a contractual relationship with DYDEX Hungary Kft. as the Supplier, and the Customer, as Buyer, with the following conditions. The Supplier is obliged to deliver the product(s) chosen by the Buyer to the delivery address supplied by the Buyer during the order taking process by post or courier service, or, if the Buyer indicates the need for it during the order taking process, to ensure the possibility for personal pickup. If there are any obstacles to the fulfilment of the order, the Supplier is obliged to contact the Buyer immediately via e-mail or phone in order to coordinate the next steps. Buyer is obliged to receive the products included in the Order form sent by themselves and delivered to the given address by Supplier, to pay the purchase price included in the confirmation sent by the Supplier in cash to the courier, if a COD payment was chosen during the order taking process.

2. Exercising the right of withdrawal
The Customer may withdraw from the contract within 30, namely thirty days without any reasoning. The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days from the day of providing the product in case of a contract for the purchase of a product, from the date the last item was provided in case of a contract for purchasing multiple products, if providing the products happened on several different occasions, from the date of the last item provided in case of a product consisting of several items or pieces, or, if the product has to be supplied regularly for a specific period, from the date of the first service received by the consumer or a third person appointed by them from the courier, or in case of a service contract, from the date the contract has been signed. The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal using the declaration sample in Annex 2 of Government Decree No. 45/2014.; or by supplying a relevant clear declaration. The deadline for withdrawal must be regarded as respected if the Buyer posts the declaration on the last day of the deadline. If the Buyer withdraws from the contract between absentees, the Supplier will return the full amount paid by the consumer as remuneration immediately, but latest within 30 days from the notification about the withdrawal, along with all the costs incurred in relation with the contract fulllfilment. Supplier returns the amount due to Buyer using the payment method used by the consumer in the transaction. With the Buyer’s specific consent a different method may be used for returning compensation, but no extra fee may be charged to the Buyer due to this. If the Buyer explicitly chooses a delivery method, which is different from the usual less costly delivery method, the company is not obliged to return extra costs incurred due to this. The Supplier may withhold the sum until the consumer returned the product or certified without doubt that the product has been sent; the earlier date of the two has to be considered. If the Buyer withdraws from the contract between absentees, Buyer must return the product immediately, but latest within fourteen days from the notification about the withdrawal. Product return has to be considered on time if the consumer sends the product before the deadline expires. The Buyer only has to bear the immediate costs of returning the product, unless the Supplier undertook bearing this cost.

Exceptions from exercising the right of withdrawal
The Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal in case of a service contract following the full delivery of the service, if the company delivered the service with the consumer’s expressed prior consent and the consumer acknowledged that the right of withdrawal will be lost after the full service is delivered for a product or service with a pricing or fee that fluctuates, in a way that’s not under the company’s control, according to changes of the money market that might happen during the period open for exercising withdrawal, for such not pre-manufactured product, which has been manufactured based on the consumer’s directions or expressed request, or for products, which have been clearly tailored to the consumer’s person for perishable or short-lasting products for products in a closed packaging, which cannot be returned after opening due to health or hygiene reasons for products, which merge inseparably with other products after reception due to their nature for such alcoholic beverages, which have an actual value that fluctuates, in a way that’s not under the company’s control, according to the changes of the market, and for which the price has been negotiated by the parties at the time of purchase, but contract fulfilment only occurs later than thirty days from the date of the contract for such contractor’s agreement, where the company visits the consumer on the consumer’s explicit request to complete urgent repair or maintenance jobs for the sales of voice or image recordings or computer software in a closed packaging, if the consumer opened the packaging after receipt for newspapers, journals and seasonal magazines, except for subscriptions for contracts concluded at open auctions for contracts for the provision of accommodation (except for housing services), freight, personal car rental, catering or leisure time activity services, if a specific completion day or deadline has been agreed within the contract for digital data supplied on non-material media, if the company started completion with the consumer’s explicit prior agreement, and the consumer also declared at the time of agreement that the right of withdrawal will be lost after the completion is started. According to the above said, Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if the product has been compiled by Supplier expressly according to Buyer’s request, based on an individual order. However, if Buyer picks the product from creations already prepared by Supplier, Buyer is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days according to the conditions detailed above. If Buyer opened the packaging prepared by Supplier using a royal jelly guarantee seal, the Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal, since the product is not suitable for further use or sale due to the product’s nature. Supplier will inspect that the product and its packaging is complete and undamaged in every case of eventual customer complaints or withdrawal rights exercised by Buyer. Buyer is obliged to pay the cost of returning the package, the Supplier cannot receive COD packages. Once the package has been received by Supplier, the opening of the package and the inspection of the returned product is recorded by video camera. For products purchased and returned in a complete and undamaged state, which have not been compiled based on the Buyer’s individual order, Supplier will return the purchase price to Buyer latest within 14 days from the withdrawal.

3. Handling customer complaints
The customer may hand in objections or complaints to the following authorities:

The Notary of Komárom Mayor’s Office Dr. Renáta Baksa-Ströcker H-2900 Komárom, Szabadság tér 1.Central phone number: 34/541-300
Budapest Arbitration Board H-1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
Pest County Government Office Food Chain Safety and Animal Health Directorate H-1135 Budapest, Lehel u. 43-47.

4. Product liability and implied warranty
Implied warranty In case of a contract, where parties are obliged to provide mutual services, the liable party has an implied warranty for faulty completion. Based on the implied warranty, the eligible party may opt for: a) repair or replacement, except if the fulfilment of the chosen warranty is impossible, or if it would result in disproportionate extra costs - compared to the fulfilment of another warranty - for the liable party, taking into account the value of the service in a perfect state, the weight of contract breach and the damage caused to the eligible party; may ask for the proportionate reduction of the counter-service, can repair the defect at the liable party’s cost themselves or by a third party, or may withdraw from the contract, if the liable party will not undertake the repair or replacement, cannot complete this obligation according to the requirements of the law, or if the eligible party lost interest in repair or replacement. There is no room for withdrawal due to immaterial defects. Repair or replacement - taking into account the characteristics of the good and it purpose expected fairly by the eligible party - has to be completed within the suitable deadline, protecting the eligible party’s interests. The eligible party may change from one chosen implied warranty method to another. The cost of the change must be paid to the liable party, except if the reason for change has been caused by the liable party or has been reasonable in another way. The court is not obliged by the eligible party’s request, but cannot obligate for the fulfilment of such a warranty, which is refused by both parties. Defects reported within two months from discovering the defect must be considered as reported without delay. The eligible party is responsible for damages resulting from delay of the reporting. The Buyer’s claim for implied warranty lapses in two years from the date of completion. That part of the repair time, for which the eligible party is not able to use the good as intended, is not part of the lapse time. The lapse period for the implied warranty restarts for the good’s part impacted by the repair or replacement. This rule also has to be applied if a new defect is created as a result of the repair. The eligible party may use their implied warranty rights to compensate against a claim coming from the same contract even if the warranty right claim already lapsed. A warranty claim has to be considered as duly validated for all such defects of the good, which have contributed to bring about the reported defect. If the eligible party claims the warranty for a separable part of the good - in respect of the reported defect -, the warranty claim is not considered as validated for the other parts of the good. The liable party must bear the costs of fulfilling the implied warranty liabilities. In case of replacement or withdrawal the eligible party is not obliged to compensate the amortisation of the good, which is the consequence of intended use. Product liability In a case of a defect in a movable good (for this context: product) sold by the company to the consumer, the consumer may demand from the manufacturer to repair the product’s defect, or - if repair is not possible within an acceptable deadline, without damaging the consumer’s interests - to replace the product. The product is considered as faulty if it does not correspond to the quality requirements valid at the time of its placement on the market by the manufacturer, or it does not have the qualities listed in the description supplied by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will be exempted from the product warranty liability if they can prove that the product has not been manufactured or marketed in the scope of their business activities or individual profession, or the defect was not recognisable at the time of placing the product on the market according to the present state of science and technique, or the product’s defect was caused by the implementation of an obligatory official regulation. The manufacturer is liable for the implied warranty for the replaced product in case of replacement and for the repaired product part in case of repair. The consumer must report the defect to the manufacturer without any delay at the time the defect is discovered. Defects reported within two months from discovering the defect must be considered as reported without delay. The consumer is responsible for damages resulting from delay of the reporting. The manufacturer is liable for the product by product warranty for two years after placing the specific product on the market. Once this deadline lapses, the rights are lost. The product warranty rights can be claimed by the new owner from the manufacturer if the product’s ownership rights have been sold.

5. Privacy policy
Supplier declares that the data handed over by the Buyer to the Supplier are handled according to the regulations of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination Rights and Freedom of Information, moreover that of the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the free movement of such data; of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services; of Act CXIX of 1995 on the management of name and address data for the purposes of research and direct business acquisition; and of Act VI of 1998 on the protection of individuals during the automated processing of personal data. Personal data shall only be handled for a specific reason, involving the exercising of a right or fulfilling a liability. Data management must be compliant with the purpose of data management in all its phases, taking and handling of data must be fair and legal. Buyer has to give specific and prior permission during the registration process for the management of their personal data (in case of a natural person: name, shipping address; eventual shipping address, phone and electronic contact information; for companies: name, seat, company registration number; tax number, statistical code) Personal information handed over to DYDEX Hungary KFT. during the use of the webshop is managed confidentially and is not handed over to any third persons, except to contractors (e.g. to post office or courier services, for the sake of order delivery). The courier service handling deliveries declares about handling data confidentially in the contract. If you hand over any personal data to DYDEX Hungary KFT., you automatically agree for DYDEX Hungary KFT. to hold and manage it for the reasons and time coming from the nature of the transaction. DYDEX Hungary KFT. may only use your data and information for the following purposes: handling eventual customer complaints, managing orders. Buyer may give a specific approval to enrol to the newsletter operated by Supplier. Supplier handles data supplied by Buyer confidentially, the option to sign off from the newsletter is provided at the end of every letter sent, furthermore this can also be requested at one of the customer service addresses. You can ask for your data to be deleted or modified anytime at

6. Warranty
During the handling of warranty claims the regulations of Act V of 2013 about the Civil Code and NGM Decree no. 19/2014. (IV.29.) apply.

7. Browsing the webshop
You may browse DYDEX Hungary KFT’s website without registration and learn about our special products and prices. Product prices are gross prices, they contain VAT and are to be interpreted in Hungarian Forints. Supplier guarantees that product prices are not going to change inbetween sending the order and receiving the product, meaning that the customer will pay the price they see on the website when ordering. Our webshop does not indicate stocks, but only such materials are listed on the website, which are on stock. We confirm every order within 12 hours from sending the order. You can inquire about stocks (especially when making large orders) on the phone at our customer services too. You will receive the order at most 2 working days after sending the order.

8. Purchasing process Register
After clicking the “Register” button, you have to fill in your real data in the appearing registration window. The password is a secret code you will need for logging in later. The password might not contain accents, it has to be at least 6 characters long. It can contain any letters or numbers. If you forgot your password, we will send it to you in an email if you request is at page As the first step of the purchase, choose the specific product in the webshop. 

The contents of the cart
The contents of the cart are always displayed once you place a product in the cart. You can follow up all the chosen products and the current total price in the cart contents window. This can be modified or deleted any time. To delete an item click the button “x” next to the number of pieces of the product in the contents of the cart window. When you’re finished with selecting the products, you can proceed by pushing the “Delivery and payment data input” button. In the next window please check and, if necessary, correct your data, then finalise your order by clicking the Send order button. It’s important for the sake of successful delivery that you provide a phone number - possibly a mobile phone number - which can be used to contact you in the daytime. Order confirmation The system automatically notifies you about the receipt and acceptance of your order.Should there be any problem with the ordered product or any other reason to contact you, we will call you at the number provided.

Product delivery method
We deliver our products using the services of GLS courier service. 
You can read more details at the following section:

The complaint process
If you have any kind of complaint during the purchase, please let us know by email at or on the phone at +36/20/2916409. We always investigate complaints and we respond within 2 days from the receipt of the complaint, we replace the product if the request is well-founded. If your complaint is not successfully handled this way, please contact the authorities mentioned above.

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