Delivery and payment

You can pay with a bank card (VISA, VISA Electron, Eurocard/MasterCard), C.O.D. and advance transfer at our webshop. Our packages are delivered to the supplied address by GLS courier service.

Shipping information

Please avoid ordering ahead for several days or weeks, all orders received by 13.00 are shipped on the next working day (please see details below)! Please record your mobile phone number during registration, and when you order, please supply the mobile number of the person, who will RECEIVE the package, so that the courier might contact them if they find noone at the delivery address! Please supply an address where you will be actually staying on the working day after ordering, since correction of the address after posting the package will take another 1 working day!

We cannot guarantee delivery at a specified time or afternoon delivery, but we always send a 3 hour delivery interval to the supplied mobile number. The courier might allow further specification and flexibility!

If the person picking up the package will not be the person given during ordering, please supply the name of the receiving person, since the courier service might refuse to deliver the package to a person, whose name is not on the package. Please keep this in mind, especially when asking for shipping to a pick up point!

Home delivery happens by GLS courier services in all Hungary, with a flat fee of HUF 700 (for packages under 40kg), the COD fee is HUF 250. The product price and the delivery cost must be paid to the courier at the time of delivery, the invoice about the price and delivery cost is included in the package. You can have your package delivered to GLS pickup points too, please find their list here.

If your package has already been posted (you will receive an SMS and email notification) you may ask for information at the GLS customer services:
Central customer services For consignees: 7.00 - 20.00 h
Phone number: (+36 1) 802 0265
The phone center distributes incoming calls between the free customer service agents automatically.
Fax: (+36 29) 886 610
E-mail: You can get information about the status of your package via the or the online package tracking system.

If the package is obviously damaged or opened, do not take over the package and let our customer services know immediately!

For orders with a value between HUF 0 and 12,000the shipping fee is HUF 700, and a further HUF 250 is charged for COD, meaning the total cost is HUF 950, except for prepayment via bank transfer, for which no COD fee will be charged.
For orders above HUF 12,000 shipping and COD is free of charge.

Packages are given to the courier services between Monday and Thursday, and we close orders and check incoming transfers at 13.00 on these days, so the delivery days fall on TUESDAYS-WEDNESDAYS-THURSDAYS-FRIDAYS (i) normally, except for holidays.

So if you order a product on Friday, it will normally be posted on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. If you are not available to receive the package during some delivery days or times, please put this in the comments field during your order, along with any other information, which helps the smooth delivery of the package - please include these in your order! You can put your home or work address as the shipping address, please supply the address where most likely we will find someone at home at the expected time of delivery (office, neighbour, etc). In case of an office address, please supply the company or institution name too!

Please supply an address, where you are able to pick up the package in the daytime, so that the product may be cooled as soon as possible.

Deliveries take place on weekdays (tuesday-friday) in working hours (08.00-17.00).


There will be three delivery attempts. In depot towns (please inquire at customer services) even the first delivery can be requested after working hours (between 17.00 and 20.00) for an extra charge (HUF 4380). At the time of posting the package, the consignee will be notified in email about the delivery of their package on the next working day. The email contains the package number and the amount of eventual COD. On the morning of the delivery day (between 08.00 and 09.00) the consignee receives a notification, which contains the phone number of the courier, of the GLS Customer Services and a 3 hour time slot of the expected delivery. If the delivery attempt fails, an email notification is sent to the consignee. The Consignee may record a delivery provision on the link sent in the email, asking for a new delivery time, a new delivery address, personal pickup at the nearest GLS depot or at a GLS pick up pointchosen from a given list, or may refuse picking up the product.

If delivery fails on the third day as well, there will be no more chance to pick up the package personally, the package will be returned to the sender for the sake of protecting the product’s consistency.

If you do not pick up the package, we will refuse to send any more products to you and you will have to pay for the shipping fee!

International shipping

Our company undertakes shipping to European Union member states. In case of international shipping the cooled packaging is compulsory, because this is the only way for us to guarantee the quality of the product when buying fresh royal jelly. In case of ordering products, which do not require cooling, we can post packages without cooling, of course.

International deliveries may only be paid by bank transfer in advance, and we will process the order once receiving the funds. We always send a notification about receiving the transfer. You can choose the delivery country during the order process. We cannot send packages to countries that are not on the list - please contact us in this case. The webshop will automatically calculate the shipping fee for each country.

After processing you may calculate with the following transit times. The shipping deadlines below always mean workdays, in order to achieve the shortest possible shipping time these consignments are usually posted only on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Transit times, the delivery time/working days in parentheses:

  1. 1. Zone: Slovakia (1), Slovenia (2), Austria (2), Czech Republic (2), Romania (2), Croatia (2)
  2. 2. Zone: Poland (2), Germany (2), Belgium (3), the Netherlands (3), Luxemburg (3), Bulgaria (3)
  3. 3. Zone: Denmark (3), France (3), Italy (3), Great-Britain (4), Monaco (4), Ireland (5)
  4. 4. Zone: Lithuania (3), Latvia (4), Spain (4- 6), Sweden (4-7), Estonia (5), Malta (5), Norway (5-7), Greece (5-7), Portugal (5-7), Finland (5-7)


Cooled shipping

For those esteemed customers, who order at least 4 pieces of Royal Jelly (can be different types) or more, we always ship the fresh Royal Jelly free of charge, in a cooled, isolated packaging (4-5 cm thick box with polystyrene lining and a 500 gr icepack) to every region of Hungary. In this case we charge no extra fee for the cooled shipping!

Hűtött csomagolásIt’s possible to request smaller amounts in cooled packaging for an extra charge (in addition to the normal shipping fee), the price for this is gross HUF 900 in every case - please select the “Cooled shipping” option when you order, since otherwise you will receive your products automatically in a normal package, except for orders above 4 pieces, which require cooling, since these orders are automatically shipped in a cooled box.

Shipping time

We start the shipping process after the order, latest within 24 hours on workdays (in case of advance payment the package will be posted after the money is received) and after posting you will receive your package within 24 hours guaranteed to any place within the country. So if you order on MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY 13.00-igyou will receive your order on the next working day, except for orders on Fridays and weekends, which are posted on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. If you are able to receive the package at a different time or only on certain days, please always put this request in the comments section of the order form!

You will always be informed about the delivery of the package in SMS, and an informational letter is sent to the customer’s email address when the package is posted, so that you can follow up the status of the package.

Please make sure that you provide your data precisely (phone number, email address, postal address) since we cannot confirm and ship your order without all these information. If the consumer does not begin cooling the product within 48 hours from posting, we cannot accept any compaints about the product quality!

Bank transfer information

Please transfer the price of the ordered product(s) to the following bank account number or pay it directly at the branches. Please include the name used during the order or your customer ID in the comments field when making the transfer.


DYDEX Hungary KFT.
H-2900 Komárom
Csillag ltp. 40. 3/9.
Accounnt number: 12029004-01623894-00100006

Personal pickup

You can pick up the orders personally in Komárom and Tata, we highlight this in the “Our partners” menu point, under “Personal order pickup point!”.
Please include in the comments field during your order, where you would like to pick up your order! Please choose the personal pickup option during the order process at the webshop.

  • Online order
    Order processing: From 08.00 to 14.00
  • Free shipping
    For orders above HUF 12000
  • Safe shopping
    your order information is safe


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