When we were children, almost all of us were full of energy, we did not want to go to bed, we spent our whole day actively. As an adult though we often feel tired in this hectic world, while in the night we suffer from insomnia. We encounter different illnesses, struggle with overweight, wait for the baby to arrive in vain,... and that’s only the beginning of a long list of consequences of the everyday rush.

Our body contains several trillions of cells, which are closely connected - each cell has its own function. If our cells function properly, we are healthy and energetic. If our cells are in a bad place, they do not receive proper or enough nutrition and they even need to fight harmful substances, the balance might be overthrown and bad cells can come about (funghi, mycotoxins, cancer cells, etc.).

The human body is unable to cope with the damage done by an unhealthy lifestyle. We were not created for today’s comfortable, modern lifestyle, when we do not get exercise, we feed on bad food, we breathe and consumes toxic fumes in many ways and shapes. We cannot stress enough how important the right lifestyle is, which is the foundation of our life.

In order to be healthy and fit, we need healthy organs, tissues and blood circulation. Our cells produce energy needed for life functions from the nutrients of the consumed food. However, many things called food get into our body, which do not help its proper functioning, moreover, they hinder it, pushing our immune system out of balance.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that it’s much easier to prevent the problem than to cure it. No matter if we were born with good qualities, if we do not take care of ourselves, we will loose this genetic advantage, so we have to strive for keeping healthy and preventing diseases during all our life. Diseases are like “uninvited guests” - they never come at the right time.

While we are young, we explain our tiredness with too much work and stress. Some pills and a bit of rest seems to solve the problem for a while, but as our body has to battle off more and more negative effects it becomes less and less able to fight off stress. Moreover, there is a close connection between diseases and the mental state. If your soul is not okay, you will not be able to create order around you, and vica versa. We can stay much healthier if we strive for prevention and not try to solve our problems by battling diseases.

Royal jelly is not a magic potion, we don’t say that it’s the right remedy for each and every one. What we know is that Royal Jelly has several ingredients, which are essential for the human body. The Royal Jelly’s composition is very rich, so being present in the human body in its complexity it may have a lot of beneficial effects on us. Several decades of research, many experiences and numerous human experience proves that we have a very carefully selected, very rare natural substance, which has numerous beneficial effects.

Royal jelly only contains natural ingredients, which can be used by our body without accumulating poisons, ensuring that the beneficial features of the ingredients are utilised. You will find many information on our website about Royal Jelly, which are about its origin, its production, storage and effects based on prior experience.

The information on our website is not a professional opinion from the National Institute of Pharmacy, the product does not serve to heal illnesses, but it does have several proven beneficial effects in folk medicine. Folk medicine and natural medicine enlist Royal Jelly as a renowned dietary supplement. Based on our own experience and customer reviews this wonderful material shows convincing results.

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